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Consider these ideas when building your display

Merchandising Display


Build a “destination display,” a display that informs the consumer that they are in a specific Ripe ‘N Ready peach, plum and nectarine zone of the produce department. This will heighten their awareness and interest in the fruit.


Display Ripe ‘N Ready fruit on dry or non-refrigerated tables during the summer months. Refrigeration will reduce the wonderful aroma emitted by the fruit.


Keep shrink low by positioning the newest fruit from the cooler at the back of the display. Rotate riper fruit from the back to the front of the display by transferring the individual fruit trays. Display no more than two layers deep.


Bulk displays will turn your customers off. Customers interpret fruit displayed in bulk to be harder and not ripe.


Display to address the consumer’s preference toward ripeness by identifying fruit that is “Crunchy and Sweet” (white flesh fruit), “Soft and Juicy” (yellow flesh fruit that will be ready to eat soon) and “In-Between” (yellow flesh fruit that is more firm). Use POS signage to help differentiate the fruit.


Use point of sale information – brochures or tear pads - to educate your consumers about the differences in the fruit varieties.


Build a spillover display using Ripe ‘N Ready colorful cartons. Our colorful box graphics help differentiate the varieties and add consistency to the visual display style.