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Like Nothing You've Ever Tasted

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know Ripe ‘N Ready: the name behind the most satisfying peaches, plums and nectarines you’ll ever taste.

Every piece of Ripe ‘N Ready fruit is a treat for the senses. The rich, deep coloring. The smooth, supple textures. The sweet, appetizing aroma. And, oh, that Ripe ‘N Ready flavor…

One taste of our succulent peaches, juicy plums or tangy nectarines, and you’ll be taken back to the simple pleasures of summers gone by. Back to a time when fruit was wholesome and fresh-picked, fully ripe and bursting with sweet, juicy goodness. Ripe ‘N Ready fruit truly lives up to our longtime promise: “One taste and you’ll smile.”

Commitment, From The Soil To The Supermarket

No other brand can create that uniquely satisfying experience bite after bite, variety after variety, purchase after purchase. Because no other brand goes to the lengths we do at Ripe ‘N Ready.

We start at ground level…literally. At Ripe ‘N Ready, we carefully select the right soil combinations for each variety we grow, and choose the root stocks that are best-suited to the soil type. It’s part science, part artistry, but it creates the foundation for the difference you taste in Ripe ‘N Ready fruit.

We then select only the finest fruit varieties – over 200! – pruning them in the winter and keeping a close eye on them into summer as they grow to maturity, when their sugars and textures are at the peak of perfection. Then we hand-pick and carefully inspect each piece of fruit before gently packing them – again, by hand – and shipping them to your store within days of harvest.

The result? When you see Ripe ‘N Ready peaches, plums and nectarines in your store, you can take them home with confidence, knowing the fruit you’ve chosen will deliver that one-of-a-kind eating experience today, tomorrow and for several more days without spoiling.

Fresh From The World’s Fruit Basket

Ripe ‘N Ready isn’t a faceless corporation. We’re real people – a small community of family farming operations in California’s San Joaquin Valley, the richest agricultural region in the world. Most of us have been growing and packing fruit for generations, continuing a proud family legacy of consistent quality and flavor.

As you can see, there’s a lot of dedication, experience and passion behind the simple goodness of Ripe ‘N Ready fruit. But it’s all worthwhile when we hear from customers who appreciate the unique, nostalgic quality of our fruit – quality they thought had disappeared from the produce department long ago. We invite you to share your Ripe ‘N Ready eating experience with us – we’d love to hear from you! Please call us at (559)646-4400 or send us an e-mail to: info@ripenready.com